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Re: Hello

Postby JosephMax » Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:38 am

sorynzar wrote:I think we should also add that in each case an individual purchases the instrument, not the effects it is capable of producing. In this sense a guarantee can only be given for the instruments components, not its ability to broadcast a trend. That's the legal jargon out of the way.

There are already such limited warranties. A standard disclaimer says a product is not warrantied for "merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose." In other words, whether it works for what you use it for, and whether that use has any value to you, is not the responsibility of the maker, it's the responsibility of the user. Just because I make a musical instrument, I don't guarantee that the person I sell it to will be able to play it, even if it's the best one in the world.

If you're good enough, you can even play the worst one... (hey, an excuse to use the "YouTube" tag!)

"Hey, Ray... this piano's no good, the action is shot!"

With any luck the US will get it's act together, and legalise the practice across all states. What harm can it do? Oh wait, I just remembered uncle chuckies material!

If the powers-that-be notice Uncle Chuckie at all, they think he's bonkers. And that is exactly what Uncle Chuckie wants them to think.
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Re: Hello

Postby Wyatt » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:29 pm

sorynzar wrote:Base 10 basically means the dials read from 0-10. Base 44 machines like Ruth Drown's, read from 0-44.

Interesting. I believe the device I have has three 0-9 dials if I remember correctly, although I would have to get it out and look at it to be sure. Rather than having a witness well, it has electrodes so that it can be physically hooked up to a person for treatment. If you want to work with a witness you can put the witness sample between the positive and negative electrodes. What I would really like to do is obtain a rate book that works with my machine. We have a simple sheet of rates to use with it from the chiropractor I used to see, but there are not very many rates and all of them are two digit rates (the third dial is always set to zero). I know that there are a lot more rates out there than that. Do you know of any sources of free radionics rates? Also, do rates tend to work on multiple devices or are they usually only effective on the device they were tested on?

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Re: Hello

Postby sorynzar » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:54 pm

The effectiveness of the rates depends upon the instruments they were dowsed on. In most circumstances, with resistance based instruments that follow the base 10 patterns, you can use a set of Copen or DeLaWarr rates. Most people get held up on the rates, personally I prefer to dowse the conditions myself, either using a stick pad, or pendulum. So for your "base 9" instrument, focus on the effect or condition you want to dial up, slowly tune the first dial until you get a stick, or pendulum reaction. If you don't get a reaction, set to zero and try again. Furthermore, try it in reverse to see if it sticks at the zero point. Then move onto the next one.

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