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Hello Im Shannon

Postby necron99 » Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:11 pm

Hello I'm Shannon, Ive been doing Radionics for a few years. I was bored and was sitting there thinking, "There has got to be a way for computer to help cast spells." Pagan back then. Searched found Cybershaman which lead to Uncle Chuckie. Thank the Universe for Uncle Chuckie. Read one book after another. Never Looked back.

I Drive delivery for 7 days a week, I use my Psionics everyday. I do most of my stuff on the move, rarely will I have a proper Meditation session. The Road is my Center. :)
I create Thoughtforms every day and charge them all the time. Most Thoughtforms are pre-made factory blanks, yes i have a factory for making my thoughtforms, get your own. :mrgreen:

New skill I have been working on: Holding visualizations on Auto control. My "Mind Lab" If you will is set up with video screens and I treat most stuff like a computer program. Hold the visual, hit teh auto button and moves to teh back of my mind, sorta like the task bar. I did find out though that when running more than one, i've gotten to 3 so far, you are still running mental energy. A LOT of energy, It took a couple days to figure out why I was so tired. Work sleep work sleep. suck. Same day I figure that out I was experimenting with putting timers on the programs like 10 minutes, 20 and so forth. That was the key, so I run one or two at a time now with timers. Works well so far.

Here's a Video about a Soul reading I had a couple years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFEpojn_o9E I am Billions of years old A Child aspect of an already Enlightened Being. Thoughtforms being a specialty.

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