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Bill Jensen Here, and New

Postby wdjensen123 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:25 am

Hi there,

I am Bill Jensen, a bit of a recluse, Reseacher on Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus Machines and his Eloptic Energy which I have found is the same as Tesla Scalar Wave Longitudinal wave energy in That frequency of spectrum. (Outside the EM spectrum)

I build a 1 watt Tesla Scalar Wave demo kit that acts as a antenna, and Hieronymus machines. I put all my free plans on the web so people can tell what I am doing. Sell on Ebay as my id: wdjensen123

If you know me or my machines, please answer my survey as I am collecting testimonials about myself to put on my website. You can only click the done button at the end once, and later you cannot go back and take the survey again, so be careful to write as much as you can. Please even write a blippy there if you have heard good things about me, and where they were, link?

Survey ->
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Re: Bill Jensen Here, and New

Postby sorynzar » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:45 pm

Welcome to the Forum Mr Jensen. I've heard good things about you, and your site offers a wealth of information. Unfortunately the economic climate is not kind and a number of businesses are at each others throats. A lot of us inventors have had to take up boring jobs to pay the bills. That's a shame about the insurance. We have national insurance in the UK to cover that, so everyone gets a share. Unfortunately that also means those that haven't even contributed, so that's why the countries in a mess! Perhaps try turning your hand to using the Hieronymus instruments as a manifestation tool to help improve your situation. Feel free to add your website as a signature and it may help to drum up some trade.

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