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Postby graidan » Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:15 am

Hi all,

New here, obligatory intro.

I've been reading about radionics and radiesthesia for about 20 years now. Very interested, obviiously, BUT! I'm also really intimidated by / don't follow all the electronics jargon*. Since I can't afford one of the built-for-me devices, I've thought about going Uncle Chuckie style... but that seems so cheesy to me (no offense, Uncle Chuckie!). Rather, my cheese-factors tends towards the fantasy and not the sci-fi - glowing wands and such are more my style - but also beyond my skill level.

I've done more work with Radiesthesia, building on Wethered's book, and dowsing. I dont like how slow responses are though, and I'd rather use a stick plate.

At any rate, I have a few questions, and I'll be asking them here and there. Hopefully I'll be able to get past "toroidal anti-DOR antennas" and be able to figure this out.


* I understand the basic ideas, in general, but when you guys start talking about DOR and toroids and such, referring to all kinds of internal working devices that no one has described in paper (because, apparently, it's key to their devices, so no-one will give away how it works, does what it does, or how it's made...), I have no clue what's going on. I'm not dumb, I swear, and I've read LOTS (I like to think I have a decent radionic library, which really only lacks the newsletters and journals that I can't get my hands on / afford), but... Joe, you website is awesome! But leaves my head spinning - I have no idea what half of what you're talking about is.

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Re: Heya

Postby sorynzar » Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:03 am

Welcome to the forum Graidan.

The rule is to make an instrument that works for you. If you feel like a shoe box with dials on is very odd, then it probably wont work, even if the electronics were up to scratch. I did have it in mind to make a step by step showing anyone how they can make a powered radionics machine without soldering, and using basic parts, and a drill.

Stick plates are easy to make, at it's simplest a sheet of metal, and a coating, rubber, phenolic (Bakelite) wood, or some plastics. In some cases a metal surface alone can work, just not on Ruth Drown style mains voltage Instruments!

The way around deadly orgone "DOR" is a quartz crystal under pressure. If the orgone material has it inside it, then it's fine. A toroid is most likely Jon Logans, I save the article from his now defunct site on my blog.


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Re: Heya

Postby graidan » Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:17 am

Thanks, Sorynzar. I think you're right about odd boxes not working. I think I'll stick to the symbolic devices, with electronics for my kinda goofy. :)

I also posted a question about orgone accumulators - if I don't get an answer there, I think I might have to invent my own wheel anyway. :)

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