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Deanna and Tom
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Postby Deanna and Tom » Sun May 17, 2015 12:34 am

Hello to all :D

Thank you for having me on this very interesting forum. Although i am very new to the RADIONICS i am on the other hand for quite some time in the field of the so called Rife machine. From home made EMEM machines to special spools from Plasma to contact and other experimental devices i have quite an assortment that allows to follow different ideas. The latest is the remote treatment with Spooky 2 and the XM generators. The PARA-NORMAL crossed me when i was about 15 years of age. Fascinated by the stories told by my teacher i lost contact to the PARA-Normal till 10 years later. The events happening could not be denied and simply saying this is a coincident did not really apply at that time. So from then on forward i knew somehow there was something else with great power yet very difficult to explain. But then again so it must have felt for many people out there they could clearly see what was happening yet unable to explain just how or why. As i started getting in to RIFE i was many times working on a project and because of lack of knowledge stuck in the middle. But then every so often some sort of a vision ( not really the right word) came to me and this vision gave me the tools i needed to move forward in my project. Some of my friend say that i have somehow a connection to long past people and they help me somehow. I don't really know if this is true but there is something i surely know is happening but can't quite explain on how. As cancer has changed many of my views it was also cancer that made me look in to other thing beyond chemo and radiations. At first completely focused on doctors and their god like behaviors i realized that they did not have the answers. Neither do i really but at least i am looking for answers and my philosophy became that everything may work and instead just putting things down i try to understand them try to somehow validate the claims so often made. Sometimes we can't validate but at least there is a portion of that this or that may actually work. But with almost everything it is not good until there is more power. Our body is so sensitive that even very small changes can make a huge difference. Too often we move the balance way off center because all we see is one side. but balance is so important as everything will work in harmony. I have looked at Radionics several years back like the ABBA yet never acquired one. As thinking and experimenting gives us in time a different viewpoint so it was for me and i do see that it is not raw power but gentle balance throughout is much more or can be much more powerful. I have looked around the forum already and like to thank all of you for sharing those thoughts and ideas with others like myself. I hope that in the future i can not only benefit from all of you but also add to the forum for the benefit of others.
I wish everyone a great day and great health

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