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About myself

Postby InBetween » Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:22 pm

Hello everyone,

my name is Peter. I'm into radionics since this year.

I was skeptic about radionics, especially about homeopathic remedies generated by radionic devices. Somehow I was motivated to build one and see if my skepticism was not exaggerated. And it worked very good. The remedies I produced was experimental and the triggered very interesting symptoms during my self proving, symptoms unknown to me yet ... but they was associated to the remedy and listed in the materia medica. So now I build them for fun, but also for personal use.

My method, techniques, devices:
I don't use dowsing or the pendulum. They just don't work for me. Don't know why.
But I'm good enough in programming software and electronics. So I use True Random Number Generators which project a transparent layer over different images, tables, charts and so on. With this I can analyze the remedy I need or which kind of blockage exist. I don't use "witnesses", just my intent, thoughts, no written words.

And I build another device which is the "Programmer". It's a box with orgonite, coils, colored LEDs, and a Arduino Mega. The box has a small opening for homeopathic globuli container or for a "antenna". It receives data via USB from a computer. The data is generated from a series of images which I have paint in photoshop or just photographed. They represent remedies, thought forms (which are more complex remedies), imponderables and so on.

Some ideas for future projects:
I will try to build smaller devices, cheaper and easier to build. And then open source them. ;)
The analyze technique could be optimized a lot. I develop the software with "Processing", a language which accompanies the Arduino microcontroller very well.
For the programmer I have also a special mode in mind, which enables the creation of "Double Blind Study Packages". It should choose between different "remedies" and label them with numbers. The real name is stored in textfile and should be opened only by the god father of the experiment.

I hope I can learn from you and that I can contribute a bit to your forum.

Kind regards

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