Piezoelectric effect,crystals and orgonite

Discussion of Orgone, "Orgonite", Orgone matrix material, cloud busters, HHG's, Wilhelm Reich, etc.
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Piezoelectric effect,crystals and orgonite

Postby stevecomputer » Sat Feb 21, 2015 8:28 pm

Greetings, I realize I am new here and don't want to tread on any toes. I'm not interested in ego things and saying I know all. I would however like to add to the discussion on orgone and orgonite.

There seems to be an agreement that crystals are essential in orgonite mixing and that this is because they create a piezoelectric effect when squeezed by resin. I don't believe that crystals are essential in orgonite and I don't believe they create a constant piezoelectric effect. It's not that easy to generate a piezoelectric effect from a large crystal, try it yourself. The pressure caused by shrinking resin is not enough and anyway, the piezoelectric effect is not constant, it is only available as a pulse and would require constant release and squeeze to be regenerated.

Perhaps crystals act as a lens on the energy exchanges in orgonite?

They also might act as an information pattern. The piezoelectric effect may be triggered once by thermal shock as the crystal is immersed in resin as it heats when setting and this patterns the resin to change the orgonite.

Whether crystals are essential or not in orgonite mixing is a different discussion and goes to the heart of what is the nature and purpose of orgonite, is it to generate, accumulate, restructure, or resonate, orgone energy? It also has to do with whether you are trying to interact with an energy or information field, or both. I will post topics on these issues separately if there is an interest.

Many thanks for the opportunity to post.

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Re: Piezoelectric effect,crystals and orgonite

Postby falcott » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:20 am

Hi from another forum noob.

I agree with your point about the piezoelectric effect (or lack of it) - it would have to be a dynamic process that doesn't normally occur in an orgone generator or accumulator. Orgonite is normally static, obviously. (I am intending to experiment with embedding a speaker driver in orgonite to shake it up a bit.) And if there was a piezoelectrical effect, what might that actually do? Orgone energy is cosmic or fundamental energy after all, not necessarily improved by an electrical field.

The vast majority of people making "orgonite" don't appear to have researched or follow the work of Reich. I've read, for example, some people saying that steel doesn't belong in orgonite, yet iron is a component in Reich's accumulators, and Mesmer's "animal magnetism" (universal energy - "orgone"?) devices before him. So I distrust much of the common wisdom about orgonite, including the presence of the crystal.

It's possible that crystals may act as a transducer from one energy frequency, or pattern, to another. I do think that the crystal focuses the energy.

It is said that crystals transmute DOR to POR, but I don't claim to understand the mechanism. I feel that that function itself would be the primary reason for using crystals in orgonite.

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Re: Piezoelectric effect,crystals and orgonite

Postby key » Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:39 pm

I thought of adding a piezoelectric plate or disc to my PW, would this add any effect to the whole, in your opinion?

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