True Organic Orgonite

Discussion of Orgone, "Orgonite", Orgone matrix material, cloud busters, HHG's, Wilhelm Reich, etc.
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Re: True Organic Orgonite

Postby sorynzar » Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:42 pm

This is what I believe as well, and it fits with a number of his theories. If you consider that orgone resides in all living things, an organic substance that has lack of orgone, will by effect draw orgone to it like a form of osmosis. This would account for the organic layer being an absorber of orgone. However, I think the further you deviate away from a material that was once alive, the less absorption it will have. Since the plant matters composition in crude oil has undergone dramatic changes over millions of years, it will lack it's organic structures and orgone absorption abilities.

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