Telewebbing of orgone devices (pictures of PW inside)

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Telewebbing of orgone devices (pictures of PW inside)

Postby intentional passerby » Sat Nov 28, 2015 4:00 am

This PW has picture of another PW inside. It was made by polyester resin, crushed coal (like with garden shoe); solar diode shorted with Cat Lakhovsky Moebius (coil); inox sponge about 30 cm long (range)(wear gloves for plucking), sandpaperd wrinkled Al foil, a bit brass as spice; 432 Hz bionized quartz, local aragonite and kyanite as spice.
It's putted in .doc for printing, printing makes A4 to about 120 pictures of PW: ...
Just no disharmonic frequencies inside orgonite (no 50 Hz scalar coil etc.).

In short: my experience with this is only positive.

In long I owe this idea from one member of my domestic forum who put sri jantra in orgonite (seeing orgonite makes human feel, why wouldn't orgonite feel too?). I call this telewebbing and it's based on quantum entanglement.

This is about putting pictures of active orgonite (in further text known as PW) inside another orgonite. Needed size of image is 22*22 mm^2 (I measured this by putting orgonite (classic) on computer monitor)(I think eventual pipes shouldn't be in picture) and orgonite should be at least 800 m away from original PW (further the better i.e. I was in Wien (I am from Zagreb) and I felt *2,5 range). For 0,6 l of resin I used 2
pictures, but I think 1 is enough (smaller orgonites are stronger)(maybe teleportation signal can only function when there are 2 in some orgonites to make phase difference). Picture, apart from being frequency guardian (cleans orgonite from disharmonic frequencies, even outside of orgonite (in beginning of web it was possible to overload orgonite with DOR)) can activate orgonite. This questions imposes on oneself: what is going on in overall strength of web and power of PW, or power of 1 orgonite with picture of PW or how many different pictures should be printed (binary tree or only 1 picture)?

Answers came when I publicly published file for printing solar PW with Cat Lakhovski Möbius coil for first time. Firstly, let's look at our tree:
teleumre_avanje.png (5.94 KiB) Viewed 5414 times

The first thing I noticed was attack on my back part of high heart chakra and that orgonite in can was growing weaker. After few days can has gotten stronger, I think stronger then before. Notice that can and ?? aren't in above defined relation, we need to do transitive and symmetric closure for them to be in relation. With that we get equivalence relation (i.e we find that orgonites equivalent)(and say "two are on same network"). When I gift with egg cartons (as mold), three of them can create good vibe in hood within a minute.

I would speculate that this means that printing of pictures weakens every orgonite in network, only to return (or more) when those pictures (not necessarily all) are putted inside orgonite. Theory behind this is that orgonites usees remains of scalar waves from PW, it's possible that waves are enhanced because I posted this with large inox wires, also it might be that more PW where added to network. Formula that is imposing here:
Power of orgonite = "mass" * power of scalar waves on web * (number of picture in orgonites/total number of pictures)
This is rough formula, I think you don't have square growth of entire network if you put pictures in PW-s inside too, a bit less.

Orgonite on monitor showing original PW has bigger orgone frequency, showing solar has bigger amplitude; so same Aw (energy?).
I think that after 3. posting can weakens (I haven't mention inox sponge). After similar post (posted 26.6.2014) can strengthens.

I don't believe this picture is witness, hence it strengthens with distance.
Currently this orgonite is in San Jose, needlessly to say can strengthen when it was moved.
Web strengthen after I e-mail one guy about this (and my forehead was pulsating :) ). I got 12 downloads from this forum (total 62), more power to the web was felt :D

Can when it's made:
Egg carton:
My first (fire is for vibe): ... post384643

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