Truely, the best machine there is

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Truely, the best machine there is

Postby pelicanbill » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:58 am

Just my thoughts on this, everyone is free to disagree or argue a different approach.

I suspect we are getting sidetracked into searching for machines to do this and machines to do that.

I feel that we should be spending more time developing ourselves to better use the energy which is already all around us. It seems to me, this is all rather like an academic who likes to discuss the theory rather than get stuck-in to doing experiments to practically find out how something works.

We cannot take our machines with us into the next life, but we will (if you believe that kind of thing) be taking our conscious selves. It is possibly the level of spiritual advancement which determines the conditions and 'level' we will be arriving at when we finish our lessons here on Earth, so it makes sense to focus on ourselves as a Universal-energy conduit rather than external sources and pipelines for that energy.

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