Copen SL/C/34/15: Auto Slimline Radionic Broadcaster

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Re: Copen SL/C/34/15: Auto Slimline Radionic Broadcaster

Postby mauri » Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:41 pm

i also got one similar, original one can be recognized by the diodes they use, i learned from peter lindemann about the radiation neutalizer so i know the diods used. i also do not know how to use it properly, but one can use the instuctions of the radionic computer book which some adm has gently sent me previously. oh, now i see the full editor, let us try to upload something of the inside
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Re: Copen SL/C/34/15: Auto Slimline Radionic Broadcaster

Postby rojo » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:28 pm

I have the device with instruction sheet by Copen. I use it as a standlaone broadcaster of Copen rates

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Re: Copen SL/C/34/15: Auto Slimline Radionic Broadcaster

Postby pelicanbill » Sat Apr 27, 2019 4:40 am

Is it possible to copy or photograph the instruction sheet so that others may use it? Too many of these manuals get lost or destroyed over time and the machines survive because they are hardware.

In the past, I have asked people to share their analysis forms but either people do not do a formal analysis when using their boxes or they are unwilling to share them or there is no interest in this.

The way I was taught was to use an analysis form for each subject but I guess not many people formally learn Radionics. My forms are probably at least 20 years old and focus mainly on body systems, chakras, and subtle bodies.

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