Some input dearly wanted

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Some input dearly wanted

Postby Yagna » Wed Jul 08, 2015 1:33 pm

So. Since I was about 16 years of age, I've been very invested in Energy and it's works and manipulations/stimulation. Meditation was the first thing I started practicing, and I have had some very profound experiences with it.

Some time ago, (21 years of age now) I got very interested in Radionics. I created my first device, using Soryzar's 3 dial as the schematic. I then encapsulated this device into the most fitting case I had at hand, a synthetic like case previously used to case a herbal vaporizer.

The power supply being used is the product of my own making, orgonite with copper and aluminum I salvaged from work (previously being an Electrician, I had a good supply of cables).The metals are encapsulated in paraffin/candlewax with high quality matt Quartz previously used as a necklace.
I'm not sure if the wax alone is able to create enough pressure to create the piezo-electric effect on the Quartz, but I have put heavy duty zip-ties on a big terminated Quartz which I simply put inside the casing, in hope of that being able to transform the DOR.

I'm currently out of work, so as much as I'd love to purchase a Spooky-device ( I see they're coming in to stock the 13th of Juli), I simply can't afford it at the time being.
Basically, I'd love for you all to share information on how I can improve the power of my device. I have seen one can buy 9/12V signal amps and the Weiz's way of using powdered metals instead of shavings, will produce more power.

Can one produce electronic/electrical devices as a power supply? Does anyone have schematics or are able to direct me to somewhere I may study this?

I feel the device simply carries too little juice, not enought Mmmmph. When I have done links with people, I feel that I have had a strong connection and influence on their energy, as I am operating. When I leave the operation and keep the program running, either on myself or others, I'm not truly feeling too much of an effect.

I really love this subject, and I consider working with energies, whether it be labeled as magic, energy-work, crystal-work, radonics, or meditation as a true passion of mine, but I'm finding it hard to come across the information I am searching for.

So please, share your knowledge and wisdom with me. I'm eager to learn, and perhaps a bit too impatient to find good research material.
Love the forum, though I wish we could have some more traffic in here, perhaps collaborating powerful operations to affect specific things or forms together in the name of Harmony, Love and Peace so that we can( BECAUSE WE CAN) empower our ways of living and raising the vibration of this planet.

TLDR; How to increase the power of my machine?
Research material desired.


The way I understand it, and please correct me if I'm wrong: The entry of the machine, or the trend one wishes to modulate goes in to the 1st or 3rd pin on the potmeters, right? The middle one is the delivery or output, no?


Device inside:

Pleased to be here, and excited as I'm waiting for replies. Thank you. Bless your heart,

- Yagna

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Re: Some input dearly wanted

Postby InBetween » Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:56 pm

Hi Yagna,

if you have the feeling that you need more "juice", then use more light (LEDs) and install small mirrors. But radionics is nothing else than a extension of your mind. Maybe you need more energy if you have this feeling. The radionic devices are pieces of art. Whatever suggests more energy could work. Even if you just change the color of the device, enhancing the "camouflage". Bigger capacitors, which "grows out of the device", like the turbo gas intake of some brutal muscle cars. ;)

Best regards

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