My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

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My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby intentional passerby » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:39 pm

Greetings from Croatia!
All what am I saying is IME (in my experience) unless I say I think
I will talk historically as my experience is that way.
I will skip history and theories, ask if you would like to know.

First thing first I want to discuss is length of wire I use in passive coils (this is harmfully important for passive coils). Active wire length doesn't matter, just activate it that day. The peak to peak time of radiant spike of my zapper is 5 cubits (2,62 m) in PVC isolation (2 e8 m/s), so I used that. The 64 aliquot is 2,45 GHz, so don't put coil near wifi/cellphone (you could try without any harm, just to verify it's not good).

It might be possible that ... xperiment/ coil induce problem into minds of some orgonauts, causing me to solve it with supercoiling. Pardon my iconoclasmic self, I borrowed that therm from biology.
Synonyms: (n natural number) n-sc, n-DNA, n-wire for möbius
Angle of wraps isn't that important here, the more the merrier (L=µ/4π * d * d/l); what gives something special here is 2-sc wound till triangle (you will se structure forming) hence left and right density of wraps (d/l) are annulled here. Thesis is that this left-right annulation is what reduces skin effect resistance: making high resonant harmonics of 2-sc (till triangle) measurable. So I will dare to call it solar resonator. I only tested this thesis by sunbathing, (regular) light bulb and CRT TV (vibe that destroys orgonite, can be countered with picture of PW) and it is true (IME). Angle of wrapping is somewhat important, try to put drill as high as possible compared to "S" (therm from SBB coil); otherwise you will have more glitches of 2-sc triangle structure.
I think that n-sc (till triangle n-1 times) is stronger active coil than Lakhovski Möbius (LM), but unsure.
Picture of 2-sc (till...):
(Sorry for the pictures)
There are 2 wires, I will talk about that later.

Lakhovski Möbius
Though I found that 2-sc placed anyhow is strong and safe (with precise length or active, not touching cell phone ), I wouldn't be much of a researcher if I would let it stop there. I use 2-sc for this because of above reason. Original schematic:
A 2-sc is RL (from right helix we did left). LM will be RLRL (...?). But you can do it LRLR if you like, I don't know why.
IMG_0003.JPG (44.67 KiB) Viewed 4504 times

Twist wire in one direction (I used to twist "S" of 2. order, that is also good, but it will be wrong when we come to spiralization of coils (twist "S" of 0. and 1. order)). Even it to be a circle. With middle finger and thumb we pres wire and "S". Now we have "scelet" of coil.
IMG_0006.JPG (36.96 KiB) Viewed 4504 times

We start with right helixing. Angle between scelet and newly wraps are about 45°. That is because we want at least 2 circles with maximum density of wraps. (after 45 there is 70 and that third one. That third is ideal, because density is high, but coil doesn't collapse.). Ideally: angle is constant. We use index finger to create new wraps, while middle and thumb holds beginning of wraps, for first few turns.
IMG_0012.JPG (13.98 KiB) Viewed 4504 times

coming soon :lol:

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Postby intentional passerby » Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:49 pm

This isn't Möbius, it's Lakhovsky Möbius. On the far right we can see the place where we change direction (Lakhovsky hole). The point is to change direction up or down, not inside or outside of torus (explained in few sentances).
IMG_0015.JPG (17.53 KiB) Viewed 4356 times

Me again :lol: . We do 1 wrap per 1 wrap in last layer (or circle). We do crosses up and down(it remains a fixed point of direction changing). Equivalently: we put wire to fill the holes in last layer in therms of in out. We try wrap it near torodial wrapping (wire can change angle, so cyclo-cycloid are created which aren't good for this coil (wrap is actually average between cyclo-cycloid and toroid)). I made a perfect one like that so I gave myself title: Ipissimus of Lakhovsky Möbius :D. It took about 20 coils to do it perfectly, be happy with anyway coils looks (I am perfectionist here).
In the end we pressure last wrap with fingers for a second.

This wire crossing can be seen on picture. From above we see XXXXX (Tensor coil)
IMG_0018.JPG (13.85 KiB) Viewed 4356 times

And filling of gaps \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
IMG_0019.JPG (16.16 KiB) Viewed 4356 times

It would be ideal if end of wrapping is near Lakhovsky hole. For that you need precision and luck. I use this lengths:
5 cubit wire 2,62 m
42 cm length of 2-sc-a
3 cm diameter (1,5 cm radius)
If you have big surplus of wire then continue on next layer. If you have deficiency than I don't know... Squeeze tighter?

LM is easy to make, especially if you aren't perfectionist like me. Gallery:

You can use LM as active, or passive coil near your active coils. Closer the better, scalar waves need quantum entanglement to strengthen with distance. You can put LM on your forehead chakra when you meditate (meditate every 3 days with coil with same resoults as everyday witouth). About meditating with LM you will have to ask. LM acts as thought amplifier. Not sure, but it seems that LM makes your doing (while wearing LM) an default (workout with it seems good).
If you touch it with 432 Hz bion-quartz program remains inside for a long time (compared to other coils)
Warnings: don't put LM on forehead when going out, as simple joke can become reality as it changes your subconsciousness!
Don't put passive coil in same pocket as cellphone (this is not harmfully important, like last one.)
Now it's time for spiralization.
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Postby intentional passerby » Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:49 am

Third post. Oh well, pictures problems.
Spiralization is easy and can be done with any toroid coil (at least). The wire lengths are same in this example, but one can have as may as one wants and with any lengths.
~~spiral.png (2.4 KiB) Viewed 4469 times

So to do a Cat Lakhovski Möbius I did 1-sc and wrap 1 length into 2-sc and 2 length into 2-sc, leaving some 1-sc in between (I call it 2 1 though exact length is not that important). Using 1-sc in between should reduce glitches in 2-sc structure, though, increasing skin resistance.
This is how it looks (links, I am saving picture space) (in pictures there is weaker and more complex version of CLM)
with bionized quartz inside:
CLM is nothing more or less than your expectation of cone and LM.
I made PW with this and I base world network of orgonites on this picture (well it's not that big)
and that last picture is handfuly put in .doc for anyone to share with disclaimer "just no disharmonic frequency inside orgonite". A4=120+ pictures of orgonite to be placed inside 120 orgonite (place in TB ok, place in better thank you, place in PW thank you very much :D ). I think that putting 2 pictures/orgonite in many orgonites might create phase difference so weather teleportation/balancing can be made possible with teleporting signal. Here is .doc ...
Maybe I should talk about it in other topic...

Big Secret Lakhovski Möbius
I did 1,5 1 2 because I thought I would get vertically pulsed coil (to target ionosphere or to terraform (originally this would be laser LM and 1. design is 3 1 2 1 4, but this is too long)). But I got radial pulse and continuous vertical. This coil is stronger than just 2 effects because scalar waves are weakly forced to remain in center (I could expand on this), but it's difficult to make (I used wire to submit coil in structure). Currently this coil is being used as emitter in world network, inside "Faraday cage" (cans), as sweat spot is central LM (so orgonite, xtal and picture is there) and cans disable short range dissipation: making overall effect (network effect) stronger. With arcane knowledge and combination of various signals I could clear sky with it, though I have some trouble believing it and Windows resets me.

Measuring of biopotential is next... Hint those 2 wires where copper and iron.

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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby intentional passerby » Mon Oct 26, 2015 8:37 pm

Deleted post cause of posting problem. Thanks moderators for fixing it :)
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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby intentional passerby » Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:51 am

You can see my all coils here: ... ce-24.html (though outdated communicator coil is still something different) (and next few pages) (gallery, text is in Croatian).

Measuring of biopotential
I will now talk about one circuit (COB=copper on base). It was meant to be a Stubblefield based battery, with scalar coil and activated with earth field and transistors-transformer circuit to increase voltage "Indefinitely" to create spikes to ultimately harness scalar energy (scalar diode), but I don't think that is a case here. To put it simply: it is an overunity try.

I will give a peak in theory here (not all of it):

Code: Select all

sex     helix  kingdom             dark    orgonic            density   metal    alchemical symbol  conducts
male    right  animal  attraction  matter  organic chemistry  HD        iron             ♂          magnetism
female  left   plant   repulsion   energy  metal              LD        copper           ♀          electricity
(right snail, left vine; alchemical symbols for metals)
We can see that male and female connect with each other in heart

To make 1-sc with copper and iron I did square knot to mimic "S" of 1. order (Easier way is to heat shrink 2 wires) and you should jerk less elastic material every ~20 cm (iron with similar length) (haven't try this 1. time lucky second time I saw a problem) and diameter of wires should be similar diameter (iron is thinnest from iron shop). I used tinned copper and zinked steel (though iron would be better ... _Chart.jpg )

For lack of better word I call this yin yang 2-sc (too long, help :) ). Picture is above ("Picture of 2-sc (till...):"). Though LM is normally not short-circuited coil (in λ/2 mode, short is λ), LM from this coil can be short-circuited while coil has above defined aliquot (is it in λ/4 mode if not short?). I went outside with YY-LM in pocked (not on forehead) and rain stopped for exact period of time I was out (this is thesis, not proven to be stronger thought amplifier). Otherwise YY-LM (short-circuited and thermoisolated) is stronger than LM.

So this is COB circuit (powerd by falstad)
That inductor is extension cord (I tried with classic inductor and LM, but it doesn't work: experiments below. To place inductor on cord (not connected) gives stronger voltage). Diode is rectifier and resistor is voltmeter. Originally in simulator diode and resistor was placed on copper part of 2-sc and this works only in simulator. Stronger transformer ratio gives stronger spikes in simulator (2-sc has √2 while 1-sc might have 10, though lesser coupling and isn't scalar coil, I haven't measured it for 1-sc).
IMG_3650.JPG (417.52 KiB) Viewed 4440 times

It gives stronger vibe compared to YY-2-sc, but that is not my point here.

I concluded that this circuit detects proximity of humans near coil. If my leg is near extension cord I get a reading of 10 mV, if I hold few wraps of cord exor touch naked iron: 100 mV, if I do both: 3 V (I am touching isolation of 2-sc all the time). One hour of this experiments depleted my bioenergy so I was ill (sniffy) tomorrow. There is a part of cord where outer isolation was replaced with cellophane, and you get less voltage that way, that result suggest ORAC. Carton from juice (ORAC) did get 10 mV, but it decreases with touch (both cord and iron). Capacitor in reverse ORAC (that is 50 mV solar detector) in series only slows down charging. To tackle what is this "bioenergy" I tried to put magnet and orgonite inside of cord wraps and nothing changes (forgot to try with 2-sc part).

Why do you need ground and cord to get AC battery (for DC: diode too)? What is this energy that is driving the circuit? Where did my bioenergy go? In ground or coil? What is so special with extension cord that has 2 isolations? I tried to use this as ground emitter (on orgonite with picture of PW while emitting signal in BSLM coil), I don't know how to see whether I am doing that (maybe my grounded metal bed)? How to safely test this? What am I sitting on here? How to use this? How to stop asking so much questions? And why?
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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby intentional passerby » Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:26 pm

Inspired by gateworm's video ... Bfqu9.dpuf
I took 2 plants and put LM on weaker one. I directed Lakhovsky hole towards north (in that direction is strongest leaf, going to switch plants so Lakhovsky ray directs at other plant (if ray exists)). I have to emphasize that the experiment was done 0,5 m from radiator (which is connected to orgonite zapper and 200 m of my coils, grounded, perpetuated in 2 ways etc.). It is possible, as Schauberger would say, that copper here attracts water (soil is moist in experimental group, with similar (rare) irrigation). In video, gateworm speaks of magnetic fields, while I have scalar coil (L=0) here.

After month or 2:
IMG_3895.JPG (1.22 MiB) Viewed 3976 times

IMG_3896.JPG (1.12 MiB) Viewed 3976 times

IMG_3897.JPG (1.11 MiB) Viewed 3976 times

This is my first experiment with showable results :)
I think it's because of coil :D

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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby sorynzar » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:46 pm

That's a very noticeable difference. Great outcome.

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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby intentional passerby » Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:53 pm

Reverse gifting, thought amplification of plants

Thank you for acknowledging me :)
Though it's on 1. april :lol:
YY-LM (and YY-2-sc) has galvanic potencijal that can be used as Earth battery. Soil and plants do mix?

To gain optimal results one should point copper to the north (generally electropositive)(here it's red wire) and iron to the south as well as Lakhovsky hole to the north (if you have Lakhovsky based coil). I putted "plain" YY-LM so copper touches cherry tree root (day later it rained on dry ground), on apricot I putted YY-LM with soldered ramified multi stranded wire (that may be specialization for earth battery). I put copper part to touch root of plant or close to tree and small root "instead of xtal" in YY-LM. Cherry said "oh, yes" (roughly translated to English), but apricot knows me too well :lol:
I don't think it is necessary to solder for specialization, it is enough to put wire in multi stranded wire or don't bother with it (cherry).

I learned about earth battery on: ... earth-batt
The current produced is highest
Best way to make YY-1-sc is to strip isolation, decrease hardness of iron by bending (optional), wire wrap and apply heat shrink.

Compared to outer activity on coil (induction, coil on forehead) in this formation plant should have ability to directly modulate telluric current with her pulse, so I think that makes it way stronger way of amplifying thoughts.

YY-LM with a bit of 2-sc for consolidation or coiling around tree or metal and distanced copper and iron.
YY-LM.JPG (611.24 KiB) Viewed 3903 times

Specijalization (needed?)
YY-LM as earth battery.JPG
YY-LM as earth battery.JPG (1.07 MiB) Viewed 3903 times

Near apricot (looks like i missed direction of Lakhovsky hole) ("ciljano drvo" means targeted tree)
YY-LM as earth battery on terrain.JPG
YY-LM as earth battery on terrain.JPG (1.32 MiB) Viewed 3903 times

I have felt something even when I put a little soil on it, let alone bury and water it.
I am dreaming of oak, cedar and metasequoia (something huge and/or spiritual as fractal antenna based on sacred geometry).

P.S. Lakhovsky ray thesis seems to be proven, that dead plant is recovering.

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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby sorynzar » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:07 pm

This is an interesting project. Do you have any more results to share? You could try the coil on some seeds before planting against some control seeds and note the difference. We have been seeing some impressive results with treating seeds for growth with radionics. Seeds seem to be more susceptible than mature plants.

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Re: My coil: Lakhovski Möbius and measuring of biopotential

Postby intentional passerby » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:50 am

Sorry to say this, but I haven't done good experiment. I put YY-LM on incense with water under it, it excelled with second bush formed near (towards the Sun and along line of my zapped (etc.) radiator), but it dried out, I probably have water it too much :oops: . Well, at least, I am happy for your results :)

I did tomato experiment, same breed, with 2 months old plants (coil is in down hole and control is other).
Two months later (4 months old tomatoe)
There is shadow problem, so I guess variance took my experiment's significance. Iron in YY-LM corrodes from earth.

It makes sense that this works better with seeds, as beginning of crystallization determents crystal shape the most. So I could do NaCl experiment.

First control, bare copper wire is here because I thought to work with CuSO4, but give up because my eyes stung before opening pack.

Here, NaCl gathered around LM and enclosed it, breaking around LM in transport (second picture)

The difference from LM is that there are 2 lumps of NaCl that originated above LM (they traveled during transport).

YY-LM on 432 Hz zapper in series with orgonites and grounded though radiator.
Similarly, there is 2 lumps that wondered off during transport. Last water was putted in this bowl so there is more NaCl, therefore there is no difference in crystallization due to coil. Lump wouldn't form if there is only piece of iron wire. The crystallization seen on bottom of picture is classic for NaCl.

Conclusion: lumps that are heavy enough to sink are only formed above YY-LM and it is independent whether it's passive or 432 Hz zapper and orgonite in series with grounding.
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