Does anyone know how this service works?

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Re: Does anyone know how this service works?

Postby realityphantom » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:23 am

I'm intrigued, it is very well written. I like what is being done here but as a nuts and bolts kind of guy, I want to know more about the system and machines behind it. I understand that the trick is there is no machines needed for this in the first place.

I consider this to be Radionics even if there are no devices at the disposal of the practitioner. Adding information to the form, attaching images, choosing options for outcomes and intent and then "Submitting" is in itself a form of Radionics. My interest is piqued enough to want to create my own submission system. (I don't need another toy!)

I already have some ideas! :) :)

Now here is my concern with this site:

The form is right on the main site. It's asking for ALOT of information that gives up a person's private data. Full name, address, phone number, picture, birthday. Regardless of use, the operator of this site has an index of identities at their fingertips. Implemented in small regions via business cards, flyers in healthfood stores, libraries, etc a person could get a large collection of personal data for marketing or just for creating rogue profiles online. I don't think the material risk of this site is really thought about by many.

RadionicsForum users beware this could be a data collection attempt!

42x.xx dollars a year? Sheesh! I get that the cost of entry to radionics can be high for good equipment but following the prompts all the way through to payments did not give me anymore indication on the process than when I started. And in that short time it took the Subject's full info, asked for Billing info (Just as much private data) and then a separate form for "Guardian" information. And then into payment. So before you have an idea of cost, you've already given the operator much information, much valuable information. I don't fully like this and it's not all that reputable when you think about this.

Something just hasn't sat right with me about the site since you've posted about it. After analyzing your message and running the site against my Neuralizer I have deducted that you are Amy from the Testimonial section of the site.

I dug into the "About us" section. There is NO information aside from being able to ascertain that it's claimed being from Vancleve, MS. The picture of the family I assume is the "Staff" they speak of in the about us section. Still is really creepy in some kind of way. I ran the image through a meta ripper and found an ID tag that is consistent with a Photographer team in CA called the Vermillionaires. Found another render of this picture on their site referring to the family at the Corral family.

The whois is locked down but I have saved the entire site source and am now extrapolating more information to point to identity.

I know this wasn't your initial request, this is my hobby and I LOVE digging!

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Re: Does anyone know how this service works?

Postby vb2627 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:30 pm

Wow. I was thinking more along the lines of what machine, but you think there is no machine at all? You're saying that a one time signup can have perpetual effects?

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