Earth Loading Cosmic Pipe

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Earth Loading Cosmic Pipe

Postby cp1 » Fri May 06, 2011 4:14 am

So here are my thoughts so far. I can't help myself. :)

I wonder if an 'Earth Battery' like this would be better than a 'Earth Capacitor' like pictured below?

"Earth Battery" (all this may change, thinking maybe magnesium ribbon and bronze pipe?)
1 12"x12" Thin 'Hard Wire' Copper sheet completely coated with powdered carbon
1 12"x12" Thin Zinc sheet with 1 felt sheet attached on each side covering all parts
14 AWG Magnet Wire
Copper would be buried 2 feet deep in soil at the Northern-most part of my backyard. The Zinc sheet would be buried 1 feet deep in soil at the Southernmost part of my backyard. The depth at which they will be buried may change if I can find a good resource on magnetic inclination. As well as the distance at which they are spaced apart if I can find a good resource on the distance between 'rows' of Earth's 'magnetic lines' and 'ley lines' are, then scale down. I would like to see a detailed map of Southern California on these subjects but have not found one yet. I figure to have a single wire running off each plate that connects to the cosmic pipe. I am not sure how or where yet. I would like to place the cosmic pipe in the direct center line of the Earth Battery, or possibly off to the side by a specific amount as to create 3 points of a pyramid or even 2 cosmic pipes to have 4 points?

Some 'would it be useful to' questions... have a circuit that the battery runs into as to pulse a specific frequency rate of energy into the cosmic pipe? connect the positive from the Earth Battery to the a)Atmosphere Coil or b)Ground Coil on the Cosmic Pipe or c)Something else? d)Not at all? add a spark gap using the battery lines and place near the top of the Cosmic Pipe instead of physically attaching the battery to the pipe at all?

"Earth Capacitor"

As for the Cosmic Pipe itself, I plan to base it along what I have read here as well as the 'farmingtheatmosphere' pdf. But there are some alterations I will make most likely. I think some kind of harmonic resonance device connected to this setup would be beneficial(or at least the battery?).

I have more to write but I am getting sleepy. :)

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Re: Earth Loading Cosmic Pipe

Postby sorynzar » Sat May 07, 2011 9:20 am

I know that will generate 1 volt of DC electricity. I tried it in the soil last year. I'm not sure if the distance will increase or reduce this potential. I varied the spacing by a small factor and did not notice any change in the reading.

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