Developing Malcolm Rae's Magneto-Geometric Protocol

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Developing Malcolm Rae's Magneto-Geometric Protocol

Postby DocThom » Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:59 pm

Hello to all distinguished members and friends!

I have been facinated by the works and inventions of Malcolm Rae. Rae was a retired Britrish naval officer who became interested in radionics later in life. He was an innovated thinker and genius who truly thought outside the box. His basic research involved defining the morphogenic field of any given substance, plant, or animal. I will briefly describe how he accomplished this. This basic Malcolm Rae theory is fully described in the book "The Paper Doctor". The book is out of print, however, not long ago I located a pdf version of the entire book on At any rate, if you cannot locate the pdf let me know and I can provide a copy of the pdf via e-mail.

Rae began his research by placing a substance on the "0" end of a 100 mm ruler that was aligned with one of the cardinal or sub-cardinal points of the compass. Taking a pendulum he would move the pendulum up the ruler until the pendulum swung perpendicule to the ruler. Rae believed this marked the point where the morphogenic field of the substance met the gravitational field of the earth. He took this measure on each of the compass points, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, and NE. The value of each measurment was the mm marking on trhe 100 mm ruler where the pendulum fully swung perpendsicular to the ruler crossing the particular mm mark. Thus the measures may look like this: N=45 (mm), NW=30(mm), W=3(mm), SW=69(mm), etc. Next Rae would take these measures, place them on a circular chart representing a compass, and then connect the dots. He beieved the resulting pattern represented the shape or geometric design of the morphogenic field of the substance.

Having discovered the shape of the morphic field, Rae would then place the shape in a magnetic field using a ring magnet with the face that attrached the south pointing end of a compass needle facing up. He then placed the pattern on the magnet and a small flat bottomed vial of water on the pattern. After several minutes he discovered that he had a homeopthic solution of the substance represented by the morphic field imprinted in the water.

I have researched a method of determining a morphogenic field by using a dowswing chart and a formula developed on MS Excel, that allows eight numerals representing the eight compass points to be entered and a morphogenic design created. The design is printed on card stock. I have designed a glass envelope or frame that holds the pattern. To this glass plate frame I attach a ring magnet that is mounted on a 50 ml pyrex beaker. The beaker is filled with quartz crystals and quartz crystal flour used to amplify the energy. The magnetic energy is transfered to a mobius coil and then sent through a 428pf variable air capacitor so a homeopathic potency can be set. The energy is then sent to a pyrex 250 ml witness well where a solution of distilled water, brandy and willard's water can be imprinted.

The beauty of this approach is it can be tested. The energy imprinted water solution is basically harmless in any case. Using a modified Upton-Laurance dowsing chart, the condition of the plant or animal witness can be checked to determine the deviance from normal energy levels. Then the imprinted homeopathic solution can be introduced on the same chart and it can be determined if this solution corrects the deviation by bringing the enegy level of the witness to a normal level.

My present project is building a radionic instrument that incorporates the four dial Hieronymus design, the circular eight dial De la Warr/Tansley CentreTherapy design, and the modified Malcolm Rae Magneto-Geometric design. The basic instrument is 24 inches by 12 inches, and will incorporate two 12 volt circuits. I will also possibly incorporate a Clark style variable frequency circuit that will enable a pulsing signal. I have developed a strobe unit for injecting the Dinshah color plates into the witness well.

I will report how this instrument functions once it is complete. I think the ability to inject American rates, British rates, and Magneto-Geometric design into a single witness well may offer unique characteristics.

See you all soon. Take care of each other in the meanwhile. Doc

50 ml beaker, ring magnets, and quartz crystal.tif
50 ml beaker, magnets, quartz crystal points
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Re: Developing Malcolm Rae's Magneto-Geometric Protocol

Postby Radionic » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:36 pm

Hi DocThom

Please provide me a copy of the book "The Paper Doctor".

my email is:

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Re: Developing Malcolm Rae's Magneto-Geometric Protocol

Postby ChakraTek » Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:38 pm

Hi DocThom

If you still have a copy of 'The Paper Doctor' I would love to have it please. I have just obtained a Rae remedy copier and would like to read up on the man.

Kind Regards

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