Scalar Wave detector

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Scalar Wave detector

Postby kfun3190 » Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:35 am

Hey Fellas.
New here to this forum...forums period..i have a schematic for a scalar wave detector.but i want to get some answers from someone with some
experience.the idea is simple,but can wrap my mind on the magnet structure and coil system without cooling while maintaining a Gauss of
40,000 +. Any takers? videos with good visuals?PM's are cool as well.I need this equip. to make my own scalar wave gen. for my broadcasting device.i believe in testing instead of making such tech blindly.i also have an SE-5 i would like to measure for comparison from my custom to theirs since idk how their wave gens. are built/work.i also have some of copens old equipment i would compare with.
So how you guys feel on this?
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Re: Scalar Wave detector

Postby InBetween » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:43 am

Scalar waves once generated loose their "physical energy" and they become fields of "potential energy". This kind of fields are able to raise the probability of occurrences in quantum states, which I'm afraid is only possible to "measure" with biological systems or at least with a TRNG (true random number generator).

For example Montagnier teleported DNA via Email. He measured the electromagnetic signature of DNA of Escherichia Coli bacteria and the *.wav file was send to another laboratory in Japan. There they applied this signature on a DNA polymerase chain reaction, a biosynthesis of DNA from their basic components. The result was a "copy" of the DNA similar enough to react to Escherichia Coli bacteria test strips. Now the *.wav file contained only the signature which can be compared to a radionic rate. It's file content is so much smaller than the original data of a DNA, only few kilobytes compared to 600 megabytes.

When you generate scalar waves most energy is consumed. By cancelling one phase out with another contrary phase you generate heat (simple physics). So there is almost nothing left which can be measured with a "scalar wave detector". Montagnier was successful in his DNA teleportation experiment because he used the right setup, the right ritual and his intention. His friend Jacques Benveniste who did a similar experiment before him failed once in the attempt to reproduce his experiments in front of Nature's magazine and the inglorious James Randi. He was not aware that his intention was blocked by Randi.

Scalar waves are a great way to encode your intention and build up a field of probability. But do not expect that this kind of "waves" can be measured with a normal electronic setup. You will need to dive into the world of probability and see if there is another implicit way to measure these fields.

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