If seeing if believing...

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If seeing if believing...

Postby realityphantom » Fri May 01, 2015 10:27 am

Then I think we are moving ever headlong into the realm of infinite possibilities!
I recently took a glance at specs and details of the Microsoft Hololens. At first sight it looks like just another VR headset such as the Occulus Rift or Google Cardboard. Where this is different is it's wonderful ability to incorporate present reality and provide a well tuned augmented reality view. This really got my wheels turning in terms of Radionics. For me Radionics and it's effectiveness lies within the seeing is believe principle. I feel technology such as this will be a huge boon to our experimentation in the near future.

Imagine being able to see other operators working with you during a group operation! Or perhaps being able to put up group intents and targets on a wall at the same time. Each operator could have the ability to help process a huge amount of visual data in a small amount of time. Given our technology would allow for this now via Computer/Phone/Tablet if some one would program the applications but I feel technologies like Hololens will be able to effectively trigger latent psychic abilities through portraying action in a believable way. Being able to open windows to target locations or to manifest items and outcomes right to out sides symbolically in a tangible eye pleasing way could open the door to so many possibilities.

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Who would assemble giant roving servitors on Mars with me?
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