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Advanced Rods of Ra

I am starting to work on some ascension technology and various mind hacks. One of the ascension technologies I am experimenting with are the devices known as the rods of Ra. These rods have been depicted in the hands of Pharaohs and high priests in ancient Egypt, some of the devices even survive today, which I believe can be seen in the Egyptian Museum.

The rods of Ra are basically an anode and a cathode, made from hollow tubes of zinc and copper. The Pharaoh would hold one in each hand and employ a power stance. It is unclear what the Egyptians actually believed the rods were capable of achieving, but looking at some hieroglyphics it appears they were employed as a type of wand.

I have taken this to a new level and have been experimenting with a hand free version, which can be worn on the body, creating a charge across the anode and cathode. What is interesting from my preliminary experiment is that the body seems to generate power and draw it in a wave like fashion. The crest of the wave generating power while the trough drawing. In each instance, the zinc changes from an anode to a cathode. I have also found that by placing the zinc on a certain side of my body, I can generate a higher charge on one side. It may be possible from this effect to be able to manipulate a certain side of the brain in order to enhance either creativity, or logic. Left brain versus right brain. I need to get hold of an EEG machine to be able to experiment with this theory further and gain some credible results. It is clear from wearing my proprietary rods of Ra technology that my body generates a higher electrical output. Without the anode and cathode in situe my body produces readings in the millivolts of both polarizations. With the anode and cathode in situe my body produces readings of over one volt. How this effects my vital energy systems remain to be seen. However, I am in effect, turning my body into a battery via the galvanic process.

I plan to carry out further experiments under multiple conditions. Another thing I would like to try is adding a zapper circuit to the mix and possibly varying the frequencies. Although lacking the necessary theory to prove it on paper, it may prove that the body can act as a boosted RF transmitter, increasing the field of the persons unique electrical signature while hooked up to the device. This could prove extremely fruitful for remote influence and mind over matter.

I will post further analysis and pictures of the fully constructed device when available. In the meantime, if anyone can help by loaning test equipment such as EEG machines, and RF spectrum analysers, please email me, I would be extremely grateful.

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