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Radionics Schematic – Simple 3 Dial

This is a simple radionics schematic, a three dial tuning circuit which you can use today.

The radionics circuit is based on drawings done by Charles Cosimano, aka Uncle Chuckie. It is quite simple to construct. The black lines represent wires, you can use any type of wire you have available. The black dots represent a connection, which ideally should be soldered, but tape could also be used.

You can see the two crystals between the dials, these are wrapped in copper wire and connected to the potentiometers.

The witness plate should ideally be made of copper. The stick pad should also be made from copper with a plastic of your choice covering it. I would go for a plastic which would generate a good static charge, so the type found on coffee cans as mentioned by Uncle Chuckie would be great for this.

The input and output jacks are simple monaural jacks that allow you to add peripheral equipment in the future, being a simple circuit you may want to use it with other devices so the jacks are ideal.

House the radionics circuit inside a box of your choice, I personally prefer to use wood as it can be a good incubator for thought forms and does not prevent orgone from passing freely as some plastics do. You could also use shoe boxes and cigar boxes as Uncle chuckie has mentioned in his books.

If you have any questions on this radionics schematic feel free to comment, and I will do my best to answer.

(2011 update: )

I have made the jacks more electrically stable for this type of circuit. If an electrically powered device were to be connected in the original design it would short across the closed circuit. As it is, the shorter ground pins are left open to prevent the electrons from flowing around the circuit when a suitable device is hooked up. With just the positive pin from the jack connected to the circuit, any RF frequencies emanating from the additional peripherals will flow freely into the circuit/ After all radionics is primarily concerned with radio frequencies, so this will work well. If any electrical devices needed to be connected, I would advise you to connect the short ground pins to an electrical or Earth ground source.

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32 Responses to “Radionics Schematic – Simple 3 Dial”

  • I risk to seem the layman, but nevertheless I will ask, whence it and who in general has written?

  • Sorynzar:

    I myself have designed the schematic you see on this page, I have also written the small description along side it. Everything on this site has been written/designed by myself, unless otherwise stated.

  • Amazing! Not clear for me, how often you updating your site?

  • Sorynzar:

    I aim to update once a week, could be more depending on what radionics projects, I’m working on.

  • This is my second visit to your blog. We are starting a brand new initiative in the same niche as this blog. Your blog provided us with valuable information to work on. You have done a marvellous job.

  • Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon. . . .

  • Sorynzar:

    Radionics is a pretty vast field. The application of a radionics device can include anti aging. There is a new meaning to immortality:-)

  • You wouldn¡¯t believe it but I¡¯ve wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You¡¯re a lifesaver, it was an excellent read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers,

  • TheVisitorV:

    Sorynzar, how efficient is this machine as simple as it is here in this schematics? have you built any?

  • Sorynzar:

    The simple three dial device is surprisingly effective. It modulates information from the electromagnetic spectrum as a radionics machine should. I have had some minor manifestation successes with these devices. I have also loaned one to a friend who is having success with healing and general manifestation. Overall they are quite powerful machines in their own right.

  • Do you find that the addition of magnets to the circuit enhance it in any way?

  • Sorynzar:

    To be honest, no. In fact, I would say it hinders the operation of a radionics device. They may be beneficial in some psionic devices, but where the delicate tuning mechanism of a radionics machine is concerned, they are not ideal.

  • Thanks for that. Have you ever used disc magnets with identical poles facing toward each other as a sort of self cancelling field in radionic devices? Maybe your answer above also applies.

  • Sorynzar:

    The only time I have experimented with bucking magnets is after putting together a few Bedinni style scalar devices. I have never used these in any of my machines, and I find other scalar generators to be much more effective. Although the magnets are bucking, the pole is never truly canceled, it is just elongated. If we could make monopoles in this manner, we would be very rich indeed :-) The only true way of cancelling the field is by the use of caduceus style coils, where the field is canceled at the nodes.

  • j:

    Sounds great and would love to make one, but the explanation of the jacks etc under the 2011 makes no sense to me as I am completely ignorant about electronics and anything like it. Too bad there wasnt a site to explain all of these things to newbies in detail, with emphasis for those of us who know nothing on this subject.

  • Sorynzar:

    There are hundreds of electronic tutorials available to new, and experienced alike online. In any case, you don’t need to worry about the ground connections in the 2011 schematic. Simply don’t connect them to anything. If you don’t plan on using any peripherals with your device then you can omit the jacks altogether.

  • Rob:

    Hey, that’s nice schematic! Thank you for sharing…I was wondering how i could build a remedy maker based on this circuit. Can you help me with this, please?
    many thanks
    Rob UK

  • Sorynzar:

    I have no direct experience with standalone remedy makers. However, I have heard that this type of circuit can be used to make remedies, by tuning into the rate of a regular medicine placed in the input well, and transmitting to, for example, some sugar pills in the output well.

  • Bryan:

    I’ve been thinking of jumping into a first project, your site has been very inspiring for project ideas. What size quartz crystals did you use? Is there a recommended method for wrapping/number of wraps for the crystals? Thanks.

  • Sorynzar:

    Most researchers simply use multiple wraps of three or nine. Wound directly around the crystal. Recently, I have been trying to refine frequencies. However, they all appear to do the same thing. For most of my coil winding, I use 0.5mm dia copper wire. The quartz crystals can be any size you like.

  • Tony:

    Hi Sorynzar,

    I am a hardware and software engineer and actually planning to build an advanced radionic device that can record samples from one object and put it into another one without the input object. First I would like to start it with baby steps and build a device like above then improve it. When I’m ready and I have a working prototype I’d like to disclose the schematics in public domain.

    First of all the whole concept is not clear to me, please apologize if I’m asking trivial questions:
    1. What is the purpose of the plates if the input and output objects are the crystals?
    2. Are the plates identical from the perspective of construction?
    3. Are the plates “shorting” their connections?
    4. What is the resistance of the potentiometers in your example or what is the recommended value?
    5. What is the frequency range the device works in?
    6. Can the signal be reproduced, amplified with conventional electronic components?
    7. Why are these devices are so expensive if they are that simple? Rip off?

    Probably I’ll have some more questions later.

    Many thanks

    Kind Regards

  • Sorynzar:

    Thanks for your comment Tony. Those are some very good questions. I would like to invite you to sign up to the forum associated with my blog: Your questions would be best posted there; so other knowledgeable individuals can partake in the discussion. It’s much easier to navigate as well, rather than using the blog comments structure. Of course, you could always email me if you’d prefer, and I’ll be glad to answer your questions.



  • Jerry:

    Can I hook a orgone generator with a mobius coil I purchased some time ago as a input ? Just curious :)

  • Sorynzar:

    Of course you can Jerry, just experiment. Personally I would hook it up to the output, so that I can program the orgone material with my intent. In some ways, it’s like a spirit vessel.

  • Raul:

    Hi Sorynzar.

    I have everyhting for my first radionic box.
    Unfortunately I can’t find a copper plaque for the Witness Plate.
    Can I use any other material for this matter..
    Please let me know.
    Thank you so much for your amazing job.


  • Sorynzar:

    Hi Raul,

    You can use any type of conductive material, preferably metal. Brass is probably the next one down from copper, or you can use aluminium. Some people use stainless steel as well.

  • Alison Lyon:

    We would like to make a machine to take abroad as I often pick up tummy bugs etc. what is the
    Best way to make it portable please. the ones I have seen have 2 little cups made possibly of copper . Can I ask does yours work the same way

    Many thanks


  • Sorynzar:

    Hi Alison, yes this schematic would work for that. You can use copper end caps (the type used in plumbing) in place of the copper plates in the schematic. I wouldn’t put the machine in your hand luggage for instance, as It might look at bit suspect to security staff!

  • wolter:

    hi sorynzar i just started to use a Radionic Amplifier Energy Circle i found on the internet, do u have some experience with these, the one i have is just a drawing on a piece of paper, so quite simple though.

  • Sorynzar:

    I have used one like you describe, but I have had no success with it. I think a lot of the time these images are designed to entrain the mind, and get the user into an altered state of consciousness, albeit mildy.

  • Dee:


    I was wondering is it possible to turn this into a powered device? If so where would I connect the plus and minus from a battery? What size battery would be good (9volt)?

  • Sorynzar:

    You found the answer under the advanced three dial schematic, which is where I will reply.

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