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How to Wind Toroidal Mobius Coils

This was an original post from Wizzers workshop before John Logan and his site disappeared. A couple of years ago I ask Mr.Logan if I could publish this particular info of his as I found it really useful when I first started making these coils. He gave me permission, so for all my readers here is the article.


an original coil design developed at Wizzers Workshop and the first such online tutorial anywhere on the web…

updated Sep. 2006

This coil is composed of a series quadrifilar cable with a 45 degree helical twist; the cable is then wound with a toroidal winding pattern. The first wrap of the cable serves as the core around which to wind the toroid. Realistically, it will seldom be a perfect 45 degrees if wound by hand. Angles between say 38 and 45 seem to work well enough but the closer to 45 the better.