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Clearing Negative Energy

Have you ever walked into a place and felt a negative energy or vibe? If you happen to live in this place then it can become a problem.

This kind of negative atmosphere is commonly reported by people who claim that their home is haunted, or if they are experiencing some emotional turmoil. However, how does one begin to rid their home of this negative energy?

This procedure will allow you to gain the rate for the cause of the negative energy and overcome it by setting a balancing or compensatory rate. To do this you will need a radionics machine.

Place a picture or other sample of the source of negative energy on to the witness plate, this could be a picture of your home or someone else’s, you could even dispel negativity within a marriage for instance, by placing a picture of the two partners onto the witness/input plate. Tune into your sample by slowly tuning the witness dials on your machine. Continue to lightly rub the stick pad with one of your fingers as you tune the dial, when you reach the correct setting you will get a stick on the pad, continue this procedure with the rest of the witness dials.

The next step is to determine what the cause of the negative energy actually is. This is done by taking the trend/outcome rate. With your finger lightly rubbing the stick pad begin to tune the trend dials in the same manner as you had done for the witness until you get a stick on the pad. Make a note of the numerical values that your trend dials have set at. Let’s say for example, that my machine gave the following values (3), (3.5), (7), (5), (9.3), and (1.5) this would be the setting for the cause of the negative energy, now what we want to do is balance the cause to clear the negative energy.  This is done by subtracting the value that you have made a note of from the maximum numerical value of your dial. In this example the maximum numerical value on my dials is 10, so using the above example, we would subtract 3 from 10 to get 7,  3.5 from 10 to get 6.5. Continue doing this until you have got your new rates. The full set of new balance rates for the example are (7), (6.5), (3), (5), (0.7), and (8.5). Re-tune your trend dials to the new rates, and you are all done.

Once you have found the balance rate it can be a good idea to add a written command to a piece of paper and place it on your trend plate. This command can take the form of something positive, for example, “this is a happy marriage”, or “this space is positive”. Always phrase your statements as if it has already happened or is continuing in the present.

Leave the rates set on the Radionics machine for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours you should begin to see results in a short amount of time, although it can take longer.