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Learning to Dowse

While learning to dowse may seem daunting at first, you will quickly discover that it is in fact, a relatively easy process. In this article, I am going to show you a few simple dowsing basics to get you divining answers in no time.

The pendulum:-

The pendulum is the dowsers trusted tool, it is this tool which you are going to learn to use. Pendulums can be bought from a number of sources, but certain craftsmen will produce a finer quality than others. To see an example of a fine quality pendulum you can visit the banner below and head over to divining mind.

You do not need an expensive pendulum to begin dowsing, you can easily fashion one by tying a ring to a piece of string, which is around the length of your fore arm. When I first started dowsing, I used a pocket watch, anything that is acutely balanced with a string or chain at the correct length will work just well for your immediate practice.

Learning to dowse:-

Hold your pendulum in your writing hand, if you are ambidextrous then you can settle for a hand in which you feel most comfortable with the pendulum.

Rest your elbow on a level surface such as a desk or table and let the pendulum hang down from you hand. You should position yourself so that the pendulum becomes steady and will not sway from left to right easily.

Once you are set you can begin to condition your pendulum by asking it a question that you know the answer to. To begin you should ask a yes answer such as “do I have blue eyes” notice which way the pendulum swings, do not try to resist it just let it move naturally. For me the pendulum moves from left to right for a yes answer.

Now ask a question which has a no answer. You should see the pendulum move in an opposite manner, in my case the pendulum moves forwards and backwards. Once you have set this you can ask another question which is equal to a maybe answer, this is not entirely necessary, but you may find it helpful. Note which way the pendulum swings for a maybe answer, for example, I see my pendulum swing in circles.

Asking questions:

Once you have had a little experience with this you will begin to see that some pendulum answers are false and responding to what you want the answers to be in contrast to being entirely truthful. To get over this it will take a lot of practice in conditioning your mind and overcoming your attachment to the outcome. Practising mindfulness meditation while divining answers can be a good way of achieving the dis-attachment required

The pendulum moves by ideo motor response, which is coming from a subconscious level. It is the same response which occurs when a group is divining using a Ouija board or glass divination. There is nothing paranormal involved it is just an external manifestation of your subconscious.

I hope you enjoy learning to dowse, it can certainly be a helpful tool for finding answers to difficult questions, you should also keep a record of your answers and see if they eventually come true, that way you will know if you are on the right path.

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