Super Simple Wishing Machine

Super Simple Wishing Machine

It’s been a while since I last posted any schematics, so I thought I’d put together a schematic in my new simple style. The aim of these styles is that they are straightforward to follow, and fairly easy for anyone with no electronics background to get to grips with.

This is a simple wishing machine that uses a low power pre amplifier. I intend to do another drawing with a second stage amplifier for even more aetheric juice, but for now this is keeping it simple.

The input plate is where the written intention or wish is placed – I like to use sigils. The plate can be made of anything, but copper, brass and stainless steel work best. You could use a well instead, if you are really on a tight budget and want to experiment in true psionic style you could use a bean or coffee can, etc as your well. The only limit to what you can use, is that it has to be conductive.

You can connect the wires however you like. For simplicity, and purely to experiment, just use some crocodile leads, you can find them at most electronic stores, but I just tend to get a lot off stuff from Ebay.

The wire from your input plate connects to the signal input of the pre-amp, the signal is then amplified, and passed to the aerial where it emanates into the aether to fulfil your intention or wish. You need to power the amplifier. Low power ones like this work okay with a 9v battery, you can get a clip on battery connector and connect the appropriate wires to the amplifier, then when you want to switch off the wishing machine, simply unplug the battery. There are some 9V battery holders that have inbuilt switches which would be ideal, again you can find these on Ebay, or places like Maplin, and RadioShack.

The aerial can be anything conductive. The one in the image is a radio aerial, any length of wire will also work, you can experiment with different shapes, or patterns to see if it increases the power of your intention.

That’s it, pretty straightforward. All the parts can be found online. The amplifier can be found here among other places.

Have fun and experiment. Any questions, just send me an email.

Update: 5th August 2014

If you came here from ( – Chartered Engineer, Hypnotherapist, Spiritualist and generally confused!

we did respond to Mr Connelly’s wholey mis-informed post, but he seems to have deleted all of our comments, and blocked the function to comment on the page. He was invited to respond to our questions and has clearly failed to do so.

Since this sort of thing is a regular occurence with “pseudo skeptics” I fortunately had the foresight to take a screen capture of all of our comments. #didntseethatonecoming


open and enlarge to read the comments clearly

open and enlarge to read the comments clearly