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Selecting a Radionics Machine

Choosing a radionics machine

When you first begin to look at radionics you can be overwhelmed with the vast number of machines on offer from various manufacturers. What I aim to do in this article is convey a few ideas and check-list which I use when purchasing a new machine.

Build quality:-

The build quality of the machine can tell you a lot. Take for example, a machine which is selling for a few thousand dollars and made of cheap and nasty mass produced materials, which may even hinder your success with the machine. When I see something along these lines I ask myself a question about the manufacturer, “what’s in it for them?” the answer is usually a ton of money. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money, the said manufacturers will be profiting from your failure and the machine which you bought for a lot of money will probably only act as a placebo.

On the other hand, there are some expensive radionics machines on the market which deserve the price tag. I know from personal experience that a high quality radionics machine will take an awful amount of time to construct, not to mention the build cost for the high quality components. What you are paying for is the Mages time and high quality materials/components which go into the machine. This can be crucial to your success with radionics.

A few basic rules:-

As a rule, I will consider a number of factors when purchasing or building a new machine.

Witness & trend:-

For an advanced and all encompassing machine you should be looking to make sure it has two plates or wells, a witness and a trend. This will allow you to tune into the target and deliver the trend all in one operation, which is far more potent than performing it separately. Of course simple three dial machines work well, but these can and should only be used to broadcast simple trends or outcomes for yourself as the operator.


You should look to ensure that the machine has at least six dials, preferably nine. In the case of the six dial machine there should be three dials for the witness circuit and three dials for the trend circuit. When looking at a nine dial machine, there should be three dials for the witness and six dials for the trend circuit. I find three dials tends to be more than enough for a witness circuit.

Stick pad:-

Although not imperative, every good radionics machine should have one. The stick pad will allow you to form a direct connection with the core of the machine and tune the dials accordingly. You could use a pendulum if the machine lacked a stick pad, but you may have better tuning results by using a machine with a built in rubbing plate.


It is my opinion that every good machine should have some form of quartz crystal tuning/storage device. The quartz is an ideal vessel for the thought form which is generated naturally by you the operator. It is this thought form which causes the outcome, or trend.

Input & output:-

If you really wanted to explore radionics then you may want to look at getting a machine which has both input and output jacks. These jacks will allow you to hook up a number of peripheral devices, which may enhance your overall operation.


A radionics machine should contain an orgone accumulator/generator of some description. The orgone matrix should contain 50% metallic and 50% organic whit added quartz to the body. This orgone accumulator will provide chi, which will sustain your thought form inside the machine. It will have the added benefit of allowing the thought form to gain in strength and manifest your trend at a much speedier pace.


Last but not least we come to the actual box itself. As a personal preference I build my machines inside wooden boxes, which allows for the free flow of orgone energy and also acts as an extra storage medium for the thought form. In addition it allows me to implement a number of alchemical formulas in a proprietary manner.

You should avoid metallic boxes as these just bounce the energies generated from the radionics circuit all over the place. Plastic boxes are the intermediary between wood/organic and metallic. The plastic can work just fine but this is usually dependent on the actual polymer used.

So there you have it, a few simple rules I follow, which allows me have remarkable results with all of my radionics machines. In the end, you should follow your intuition when searching for a machine, if you feel a calling then it may be worth investigating further. If it has some of the above features then all the better.

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21 Responses to “Selecting a Radionics Machine”

  • Pavan:

    Dear Berkana,
    I’m a Grand-master of Reiki and wish to enhance my healings and manisfestations using radionics devices. My choices go to the Psychotronic 8 available at form Jonathan Goldman or the ATGS3000(Astrotrend) from Karl Welz.

    Both devices have 3 dials for each operation but the Psychotronic 8 has a very big and massive orgone block plus 2 antennas which according to lots of designs, has better projection power.

    Which device according to you would be the wisest choice? Please advise.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Yours faithfully,


  • Sorynzar:

    Hi Pavan,

    From your two selections, I would personally choose the psychotronic 8, since this seems to be a bit more elaborate. If your budget can stretch, and you are prepared to wait a few months for a custom built device to be made for you, then I would recommend one of Jon logans from wizzers workshop, as the material quality is much higher.

    I hope this helps,


  • Mo:

    Hello Sorynzar,

    I just stumbled onto your site recently after researching the world of radionics…it sounds fascinating, but still trying to understand how to put it all together! What radionics device would you recommend for a total novice?

    Thank you, great site.


  • Sorynzar:

    Hi Mo,

    It’s a tricky subject, trying to recommend a simple machine to a novice. There are a lot of sellers and manufacturers out there selling machines for thousands of dollars, but in truth, they are crudely put together, with cheap components.

    The only one I can say I have personally liked is Jon Logan of wizzers workshop, but his devices are catered towards a more advanced user. As a direct beginner, if you have a bit of DIY experience, you may be able to easily put together a simple three dial machine, just as the one in this schematic: I am currently working on a new prototype nine dial device, if it is a success, I may aim to sell them on a one on one basis, for a few hundred pounds each, but I’m not sure how far away that will be yet. If you’re interested please feel free to send me an email.

  • Mo:

    Thanks Sorynzar,

    I’m not very good with DIY projects, but I may try it one day! When I gain more knowledge I may be interested in your 9 dial device.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Nimesh:

    It would be nice if you also listed some of the instruments that met your criteria. I am looking to purchase one, but not sure what options I have. If you have purchased one from the market, can you please share the details of your instrument? I am aware of Kelly’s Personal Analyzer, The Rogers Radionic instrument, and Bill Jensen’s Hieronymus Replica. The SE-5 is out of my reach. Nowhere on the web I could find reviews of different radionic instruments. I hope to get help from this wonderful forum.

  • Sorynzar:

    Thanks for your comment. The only ones that I would personally recommend are Jon Logans, Bill Jensen’s, and possibly Kellys, though I have no personal knowledge of that. I hear that Joseph is thinking of working on a commission basis, so that might be an avenue to follow. I would steer well clear of the SE-5, and other models, as they are in my opinion, rather expensive mental crutches and, do not operate on the principles of magnetic permeativity, and capacitance permeativity of free space, as true radionic instruments should.

    I would advise visiting the forum here: There are many people there who have experience with a whole host of devises. It will certainly be worth asking for their opinions.

  • Lukab:

    Hi S

    Are you or Joseph Max selling your stuff ?

    Is there any site where we can see the products you are offering.

  • Sorynzar:


    I’m not currently selling anything. JM may be taking commissions for custom bespoke machines. However, neither of us build mass produced tat, so the prices will reflect the time, and effort it takes the artisan to complete. In this instance your question will be best posed to Mr. Max.

    Kind regards,


  • Will:

    Hello I’m a metaphysical scientist and inventor. I invite you all to have a look at my website and the many types of radionics devices that I sell. I have 2 models of my latest invention the “Intentionator PHI”

  • rick:

    Suppose that I had a Weltz Rad 5 ATG,,, and was not impressed with the workmanship and inferior components that this instrument had at it’s core…Would you have the capacity and ability to retrofit this into a ” HIGHER END” instrument..At present the details would be discussed at at a later time as well as reimbersment for your your time and efforts…Respectfully Rick

  • Sorynzar:

    Yes I can do that quite easily. Get in touch with me via my avatar, or the contact page on my blog. We can then discuss what you would like to alter/update.

  • Pavan:

    Hi Sorynzar,

    Thanks for all your valuable tips and advices on radionics.

    I own a radionic device and I would like to know if I cover it with a Pyramid/magnetron, will the effects of the broadcasts be greatly amplified or not?

    I’m using Welz’s filter cards : are there more powerful sigils which you could advise?

    Thank you very much and keep on the good work.

  • Sorynzar:

    Thank you Pavan, you’re welcome.

    It may be beneficial for you to cover your machine with the magnetron if you feel it is a powerful device. It’s a psionic amplifier, so it depends on your faith in it.

    The best sigils to use, are the ones you have made yourself.

  • Pavan:

    Dear Sorynzar,

    I would be very grateful if you could provide me with some links about people making psychic helmets with 3 dials included.

    I checked on the internet, but the sellers charge exorbitant amounts for it.

    I’m looking for something less than $400.

    Could you help please?

  • Sorynzar:

    Sorry for the late reply. I believe Cossimano has some info in one of his books, which you can download from his site for free.

    I hope this helps.

  • Dr.Samir Chandra Das:

    I am giving treatment and training intregating Homoeopathy,Hypnotherapy,Radionics and Acupuncture. I want to buy new machines for me and for my disciples.

  • jewels:

    Dear Soryzar,
    I have used a radionics machine to great effect. It was an affair made in the 1920’s operated by the wonderful Dr.Merwick, who was born in 1890. He was still going strong when I met him in the late 1980-95, when left this realm.
    I resonant with what you are saying about many of these machines being sold being of poor quality.
    In your letter on January 2011 to you state you are working on a 9 dial do it yourself machine prototype. Have you finished that prototype? Is it available for purchase? If yes, what is the purchase price?

  • Ron Boutwell:

    While there are distinct differences between Karl Welz and Jon Goldman’s devices they are all quality machines. I have owned machines created by both these men and they all worked great. Comparing the two is like comparing a brand new Mustang Cobra to a Mercedes sports sedan. They are both remarkable and perform great. There are distinct advantages to both makers of these devices. Karl Welz is the man who first created Orgonite materials allowing these devices to no longer depend upon fiberglass and vinyl components as well as producing stronger output after he also discovered how to alternate electrical fields through these materials to increase the output. Then he designed a radionics box that incorporated the material into it’s core. I had a RAD 2400 that was a real work horse. All that being said, I like Karl and have maintained a great deal of respect for him and his products since the early 90’s. On to Jon Goldman. What can I say? He is an innovator. He has also been very active experimenting and refining Orgonite materials for inclusion in his devices. The most positive thing I can say for Jon is that the man’s designs are remarkably creative. He seems to always be thinking of a new way to create a new device for a new use. I have likewise purchased a few of his devices and, like the Welz machines, they work great. I’ve had a lot of success with his designs. Both men are pioneers in the field and their devices are all well worth the money. Now, if money is your concern – Jon Goldman’s devices have always been a lot easier on the wallet. We are not talking about a mere few dollars difference either. Jon’s devices are substantially easier to afford without sacrificing quality or functionality. Again, as wishy washy as this sounds – I can easily recommend both and can promise you will not be disappointed either way.

  • Sorynzar:

    I’m afraid that prototype got sidelined. I may work on something else in the future.

  • Ray Cartmill:

    Hello, Soryzar, You have a great website, I was wondering do you make a radionics machine to purchase.
    have a great day Ray

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