Radionics Stick Pad

The stick pad is an integral part of any radionics machine, yet many people are confused by this divination method. I have written this short article to give you an insight into the mysteries of the stick pad and how to effectively tune your radionics machines with one, or use one as a simple mean of divination for multiple questions.

A stick pad within a radionics machine is usually a copper plate linked directly to the core of the manifest generator and the rate circuit. On top of this copper plate is usually a thin polymer layer, in some cases glass or even a custom made piece of orgone matrix.

While the stick pad primarily relies on the ideomotor response of the operator I believe there may be a few more subtle energies involved in actually getting the stick. It is my belief through Ministry of defence research that the low frequency natural electric fields, or static as it is commonly known is a manifestation in some degree of the fundamental energy of the universe termed orgone or chi.

When you use a stick pad which has a layer of plastic over the copper plate you are able to create a small amount of static by the rubbing process. It is within some of this static that the orgone energy resides, which can act as a carrier for intention and the radionics signals being output from your machine.

It is a combination of these factors which make the stick pad a formidable dowsing device. It is also the cause of why many people find the stick pad difficult to get used to and opt instead for a standard pendulum. Because the stick pad is producing a combination of energies an experienced pendulum dowser will have trouble overriding their natural ideomotor response to a pendulum. This act is not conscious but resides within the subconscious.

The key to using a stick pad is to let all preconceptions fly out of the window and trust the reactions you are getting form the rubbing plate.

The reaction or “stick” manifests uniquely for each and everyone of us. For some it will appear as if their finger is getting heavier, for others such as myself it will manifest as sticky finger and your finger will be pulled due to friction.

Having just mentioned fingers, it is worth noting that no specific finger or thumb is recommended over the others, just use which ever you feel comfortable with. However, I find being right handed, I prefer to use my left hand to dowse the rates on a stick pad.

It really is worth giving the stick pad a go. If at first you don’t succeed then keep on trying.

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