Radionics Balance Rate

The balance rate is an extremely useful way of balancing the cause of an outcome/condition, be it positive or negative. It can seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you are new to radionics and rates, but hopefully I will help you to understand the process.

To acquire a balance rate, we will first divine the rates for the cause of the outcome. Let’s use a psychic attack as an example, so we would ask “what is the cause for the psychic attack on (name)” and tune the trend dials accordingly.

To come to a balance rate let’s assume that these fictional six dial rates were the cause for the psychic attack. [5], [4.4], [7], [9.9], [6],& [3] these rates in the example taken from a machine which has dials calibrated from 0-10.

We would now seek to get the true balance rate for the cause of the psychic attack by taking the original number away from 10, the dial maximum. According to the example the rates would be derived as such:10- 5 = [5], 10- 4.4 = [5.6], 10- 7 = [3] 10- 9.9 = [0.1], 10 – 6 = [4], & 10 – 3 = [7].

This leaves us with the balance rates of [5], [5.6], [3], [0.1], [4], & [7]. The next step is to turn all the dials to zero and realign them to the correct balance rates.

The standard procedure once this is done is to broadcast the balance rates for a small period of time, or to a defined schedule until the effect is noticed. In our example, the psychic attack will subside or stop all together.

As you can see the balance rates can be an effective treatment for all types of negative outcomes and conditions. It is a technique which should be in any psionic warrior and practitioners arsenal.

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