Negative Ions & Manifestation

Can negative ions have a beneficial effect on manifestation? They sure can. First we will look at the health benefits of negative ions.

There exists in common supply two types of ion in our day to day world. The first which we come into contact with on a regular basis is known as a positive ion. These ions are a part of an electromagnetic field, most of this electromagnetic smog is from our household electricity supply in the region of 50-60 Hz. While in abundant supply the positive ions have no real benefit when it exceeds the quantity of negative ions. Due to the positive ions nature, it will seek to take the charge from other ions. A good source of ions is you. With all the positive ions emanating from our modern machinery it can literally drain you of your charge.

Let’s take a look at negative ions. Negative ions are found in abundance in nature, these are created by running water, wind, and lighting strikes, to name a few. It is said that negative ions can have a beneficial effect on the body, enhancing hormone production, boosting the immune system, and creating a feeling of general well being. Unless you spend a large proportion of your time outside you will generally be negative ion deficient, due to the overload of positive ions from our electronic gadgets.

To counteract and balance the excessive positive ions in the home, we can either install a small water feature, or my preferred choice an electronic negative ion generator. These come in many forms, from large, powerful industrial sized units to small rock salt lamps. The picture attached to this article shows an example of a rock salt lamp. Traditionally candles were used to power the device, but using modern technology, we can use an incandescent lamp to boost the output of negative ions. I need to do some research into whether a CFL bulb would work just as well as an incandescent. For all the negatives associated with CFL, they may be ideal for our ion application due to a large EMF output, which will convert the positive ions into negative via the rock salt.

For all of their health benefits how can negative ions help manifestation? It has been claimed that negative ions also affect our alpha brainwaves creating a much more balanced frame of mind. It is not impossible considering that an external electrical charge is affecting our internal electrical charge. This increased focus from the harmonised alpha waves is a perfect state to be in for visualisation and manifestation of intention. In this frame of mind, we will act as a perfect conduit and antenna for our intentions to be dispersed into the aether.

As you can see from this short article, negative ions are incredibly beneficial, and should be looked at in further detail. I would highly advise getting hold of a negative ion generator for the room in which you perform your intention experiments or manifestations. It would even be ideal for an office. It has been proven to boost moral and increase work rate, you can’t go wrong.

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