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15Hz Zapper Schematic

I have uploaded my own personal schematic of a 15Hz zapper circuit. I spent some time trying to find a good schematic to follow last year, but I discovered that most of them were flawed and the timing formulas did not equate their components to being the correct 15Hz output. To remedy this, I drew my own schematic, built the circuit on a breadboard and tested the output using an oscilloscope. (Yes I test my circuits, unlike some armchair engineers) It is quite difficult to get an analogue circuit dead on 15Hz due to the poor tolerance of the components. The best tolerance you can get for this particular circuit components are 1% for the resistors and 2% for the capacitors. All of this considering, I managed to get the zapper circuit tuned to 15.15Hz using the variable resistor. Without the tuning, the circuit could output anywhere from 12-20Hz.

While this circuit is labelled as a zapper circuit it does not necessarily need to be used for that purpose. I originally used this circuit to pulse a scalar coil. I found that the circuit output, while o.k for zapper functionality has a very low power output for use with a coil. To remedy this issue, I have recently redesigned the circuit with a small power amplifier included, which significantly boosts the output from the coil.

Some other things for you to consider when using the zappers are the electrodes themselves. Instead of using two hand held copper electrodes, why not create a true anode and cathode by having a Zinc and a copper electrode? The results are quite interesting.

To view a larger image of the schematic, just click on the image, and it will take you to the full size drawing.

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56 Responses to “15Hz Zapper Schematic”

  • Dave:

    i got a strong flu since 4 days and i must say zapper didnt help me a single bit

  • Sorynzar:

    I know exactly what you mean. The frequency in this zapper is merely designed for use with toroidal coils, similar to Jon Logans. A more effective frequency is about 20KHz. What would be good to put together is a zapper circuit which has selectable frequencies for different ailments, but then it will pretty much be a Rife machine. The output from this circuit also needs amplifying, for it to be more effective across the body.

  • Dave:

    but what about terminator 2 zapper and many others? they work at 15 hz too…

    any way, i guess i am going to need to buy a decent one to test if it works,
    i am sad as i have a flu and a VERY strong and unpleasant tonsillitis witch disable me to eat and even speak (too much pain) and i thought it was a good chance to test the zapper i made months ago.
    But no results… in fact i must say the day i woke up with the flu i was using the zapper at night, so pretty senseless.

    now i am forced to feel the pain eating amoxicillin and others drugs… so sad,
    wish i had colloidal silver, quite sure it would work much effectively, but in spain is difficult to find it.

    guess i will invest in a triple freq zapper i saw at ebay, and also in Sovereign colloidal Silver, i can’t allow such high pain state happens again to me, i can’t hold pain for too much days…

    Signed: a thirsty guy for drink a full glass of water without pain. We never take value on what we have until we lost it…

  • Sorynzar:

    I’m not sure about particular models, all I know is how the technology works. Influenza viruses are quite tricky to treat as they mutate all the time, that’s why conventional medicine has struggled to find a drug. There are set resonant frequencies for particular viruses, and microbes. These are roughly seven times less robust than healthy animal cells which is why we can use that frequency across the body to destroy the virus, but do no damage to the healthy cells. 15Hz is an extremely low frequency, so I’m not sure it would have much effect on organisms. I don’t know why the zappers claim to be able to treat them. This circuit is for a coil driver, but people still call them zappers because of their original function.

    Colloidal silver is really good at staving off infections, and also at getting rid of them. Overdose on vitamin C, and take at least 2000mg of vit D, or try and get out in the sun so that the body can convert the sunlight into vitamin D/calcium. We can’t store it unlike other mammals, so we can only use what we take in.

    A good mail order supplier I use for colloidal is Alchamedica. I’m sure they can ship to Spain without much fuss.

  • Dave:

    thnks for your help
    finally i feel much better now, still not cured however.

    probably due to the flu, i noticed i had a very big quantity of mucus in the lungs (something the doctor didn’t even notice), and they were the ones who made me the infection of tonsillitis,

    after get rid of a big amount of it, in just 12 hours i felt a noticeably healthier state that amoxicillin didn’t success to return in 4 days.

    thanks for the link for colloidal silver, i will take a look to this shop

  • Sorynzar:

    I’m pleased you are feeling much better.

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