Sigil Magick

Sigil magick is the art of creation using nothing more than an intention drawn in the form of a sigil.

With sigil magick we can manifest our intentions with absolute precision and success. In this article, I am going to share some information with you on sigil magick and show you how to put it to use in your daily life.

To create a sigil you must first know exactly what it is you want to occur. In this example, I have chosen to draw a sigil which will help me in my financial trading.

You must now create the statement of intent, this follows a number of set rules. You should word the statement of intent as if it has already happened. This will manifest the reality to your experience. Some mages overlook this and tell you to manifest your will or desire. Manifesting the will or desire only creates more of that. In order to be successful we bring it to our present.

To show you an example, I wanted to increase my success in financial trading, so I went with the statement “I am now a successful financial trader”. This statement brings my intention into the present. It is no use writing an intention that says “I desire to be a successful financial trader”, or “I will be a successful financial trader” as these last two will never bring the intention into reality as they are focused solely on a future scenario and state that I do not have that in my reality.

It can be tricky to understand the formation of the written intention to begin with, but read it through a few times, and you should begin to see the logic.

The next step is to reduce the statement into the sigil components. There are a number of sigil magick systems around that do this, some remove the vowels and the repeating letters, some remove all repeating letters including the original. What I am going to go with is a simple system that produces good sigils. This system removes the repeating letters, but keeps the original intact. To apply this to my statement, we do the following:


We start with the first letter, I, and read along until we find repetitions of the letter I. In this case, the repetition of I resides in FINANCIAL, so we remove them, and it becomes FNANCAL.

You should now look at the second letter in the statement, and that is A. As before we go along the statement looking for the repetition of A. In this case the letter A resides on its own, and also in the words FINANCIAL and TRADER, so as before we remove them. The statement now reads the following:


Continue to remove the repeating letters from the statement, and you will arrive at the following set of letters:


These letters will now form your sigil. When drawing your sigil you should afford a bit of creativity and make it personal to you. I have used a purple ink as this utilises the planetary energy of Jupiter, whose properties will imbue this sigil with success and wealth. You could use whatever colour ink you like.

When drawing this sigil, I took the letter’s T and I and formed the centre of the sigil, a base to hang all the other letters off of. From there I tried to make it look as good as possible and include a bit of creative flare. I am quite pleased with the results, but not all of my sigils have looked as good, they have worked just as well none the less. The next image shows you a breakdown of the sigil and where each letter resides. As you can see you can form a part of a letter from another so that the amalgamate. Try not to make them look too much like letters, instead allow yourself to use a bit of creative licence. You could use lowercase and uppercase letters even use a different alphabet if you wished.

The above image shows where each of the letters are located. This may not fall into the system of some mages, but it is this particular sigil magick system which I have found to work successfully over the years. One discrepancy is that D and C for example, could become just D as C is inside D, albeit mirrored. I like to keep the letters intact as much as possible rather than condensing them even further. However, I do make use of certain segments of a letter to make another, for example N and M in the above image.

Once you have constructed your sigil, according to tradition you should aim to charge it in some way. I generally charge the sigil using visualized intention while drawing them, I will then flip the finished drawing over and draw an invoking, or banishing pentagram depending on the type of sigil magick you are conducting, and draw the planetary symbol of the planet which is best suited to aid the outcome within the middle of the pentagram, the planet in this example being Jupiter.

Sigils will work well on their own, but to give them an extremely simple boost, place a quartz crystal over each one. This will provide a vessel for the sigil thought form and allow it to go about its business much quicker. You may also like to place the sigil and quartz onto an orgone charging pad and place under a pyramid for increased manifestation power.

I personally use this method alongside a radionics operation with the sigil on the trend plate along with a written statement in true radionics fashion. This combination is potent to say the least.

Finally, if your mother tongue is not English, then write the statement of intent in your native language and alphabet. You will find the results are much more powerful and personal to you as you have a deeper connection to the sigil.

As you can see from this article, sigil magick may appear complex at first, but once you get down to the details it is fairly easy to accomplish. The best thing about sigil magick is the power it can afford you in any situation. I still amaze myself by what I am able to achieve (world changing events) using a pen and a piece of paper. The pen really is mightier than the sword.

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