Manifest Through Talents

A brief musing for you today. I have been wondering if those of us with certain talents can manifest our desires much more quickly if we employ standard manifestation practices while participating in our talents.

I am gifted with artistic abilities, over the years I have started to notice a strange peculiarity. If I draw or paint a self portrait of myself in a certain place I want to be, I would find myself in that position. About one year down the line. For instance, if I draw myself with certain psychic abilities (exaggerated for artistic representation) I will receive them. I could now draw myself surrounded by wealth, and I believe I would receive it.

It has dawned on me through the research of others that when we focus, we produce PSI (psychic energy) for want of a better word. This focus coupled with an imagined outcome, visualization, will create that outcome.

Drawing or painting oneself in a certain future outcome will not necessarily work for everyone. If you are talented in a certain area, such as writing then you could sit down and write a short story, in free hand of what you want to occur, while writing see yourself in that situation, fold up the story and seal it with a wax seal, maybe even draw a simple sigil on it. In time your outcome will begin to be manifest.
A musician could write a song about their desired outcome and play it, this would be manifest. I was speaking to a gentleman on a forum who couldachieve this using a native American cedar flute.

As you can see there is a definite theme related to talents/interests and manifestation, it’s definitely worth a try.