Radionics Stick Pad

The stick pad is an integral part of any radionics machine, yet many people are confused by this divination method. I have written this short article to give you an insight into the mysteries of the stick pad and how to effectively tune your radionics machines with one, or use one as a simple mean of divination for multiple questions.

A stick pad within a radionics machine is usually a copper plate linked directly to the core of the manifest generator and the rate circuit. On top of this copper plate is usually a thin polymer layer, in some cases glass or even a custom made piece of orgone matrix.

While the stick pad primarily relies on the ideomotor response of the operator I believe there may be a few more subtle energies involved in actually getting the stick. It is my belief through Ministry of defence research that the low frequency natural electric fields, or static as it is commonly known is a manifestation in some degree of the fundamental energy of the universe termed orgone or chi.

When you use a stick pad which has a layer of plastic over the copper plate you are able to create a small amount of static by the rubbing process. It is within some of this static that the orgone energy resides, which can act as a carrier for intention and the radionics signals being output from your machine.

It is a combination of these factors which make the stick pad a formidable dowsing device. It is also the cause of why many people find the stick pad difficult to get used to and opt instead for a standard pendulum. Because the stick pad is producing a combination of energies an experienced pendulum dowser will have trouble overriding their natural ideomotor response to a pendulum. This act is not conscious but resides within the subconscious.

The key to using a stick pad is to let all preconceptions fly out of the window and trust the reactions you are getting form the rubbing plate.

The reaction or “stick” manifests uniquely for each and everyone of us. For some it will appear as if their finger is getting heavier, for others such as myself it will manifest as sticky finger and your finger will be pulled due to friction.

Having just mentioned fingers, it is worth noting that no specific finger or thumb is recommended over the others, just use which ever you feel comfortable with. However, I find being right handed, I prefer to use my left hand to dowse the rates on a stick pad.

It really is worth giving the stick pad a go. If at first you don’t succeed then keep on trying.

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Selecting a Radionics Machine

Choosing a radionics machine

When you first begin to look at radionics you can be overwhelmed with the vast number of machines on offer from various manufacturers. What I aim to do in this article is convey a few ideas and check-list which I use when purchasing a new machine.

Build quality:-

The build quality of the machine can tell you a lot. Take for example, a machine which is selling for a few thousand dollars and made of cheap and nasty mass produced materials, which may even hinder your success with the machine. When I see something along these lines I ask myself a question about the manufacturer, “what’s in it for them?” the answer is usually a ton of money. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money, the said manufacturers will be profiting from your failure and the machine which you bought for a lot of money will probably only act as a placebo.

On the other hand, there are some expensive radionics machines on the market which deserve the price tag. I know from personal experience that a high quality radionics machine will take an awful amount of time to construct, not to mention the build cost for the high quality components. What you are paying for is the Mages time and high quality materials/components which go into the machine. This can be crucial to your success with radionics.

A few basic rules:-

As a rule, I will consider a number of factors when purchasing or building a new machine.

Witness & trend:-

For an advanced and all encompassing machine you should be looking to make sure it has two plates or wells, a witness and a trend. This will allow you to tune into the target and deliver the trend all in one operation, which is far more potent than performing it separately. Of course simple three dial machines work well, but these can and should only be used to broadcast simple trends or outcomes for yourself as the operator.


You should look to ensure that the machine has at least six dials, preferably nine. In the case of the six dial machine there should be three dials for the witness circuit and three dials for the trend circuit. When looking at a nine dial machine, there should be three dials for the witness and six dials for the trend circuit. I find three dials tends to be more than enough for a witness circuit.

Stick pad:-

Although not imperative, every good radionics machine should have one. The stick pad will allow you to form a direct connection with the core of the machine and tune the dials accordingly. You could use a pendulum if the machine lacked a stick pad, but you may have better tuning results by using a machine with a built in rubbing plate.


It is my opinion that every good machine should have some form of quartz crystal tuning/storage device. The quartz is an ideal vessel for the thought form which is generated naturally by you the operator. It is this thought form which causes the outcome, or trend.

Input & output:-

If you really wanted to explore radionics then you may want to look at getting a machine which has both input and output jacks. These jacks will allow you to hook up a number of peripheral devices, which may enhance your overall operation.


A radionics machine should contain an orgone accumulator/generator of some description. The orgone matrix should contain 50% metallic and 50% organic whit added quartz to the body. This orgone accumulator will provide chi, which will sustain your thought form inside the machine. It will have the added benefit of allowing the thought form to gain in strength and manifest your trend at a much speedier pace.


Last but not least we come to the actual box itself. As a personal preference I build my machines inside wooden boxes, which allows for the free flow of orgone energy and also acts as an extra storage medium for the thought form. In addition it allows me to implement a number of alchemical formulas in a proprietary manner.

You should avoid metallic boxes as these just bounce the energies generated from the radionics circuit all over the place. Plastic boxes are the intermediary between wood/organic and metallic. The plastic can work just fine but this is usually dependent on the actual polymer used.

So there you have it, a few simple rules I follow, which allows me have remarkable results with all of my radionics machines. In the end, you should follow your intuition when searching for a machine, if you feel a calling then it may be worth investigating further. If it has some of the above features then all the better.

Orgone HHG

A great video guide by Sensei Dennis on how to build HHG’s also known as Holy Hand Grenades.  These are powerful orgone accumulators and generators and can be used in a number of applications. I also highly recommend other videos  by Sensei Dennis on YouTube.

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Simple Orgone Accumulator

A simple orgone accumulator made from layers of wire and cotton wool housed inside a spice jar. I cannot take credit for this information as I found it on a forum many years ago. I did build the described orgone accumulator, and it does feel beneficial, although not as powerful as the regular orgone generators. The only addition I made to the design was to add a few quartz singing crystals to the matrix in order to prevent DOR (Deadly Orgone) build up.

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Clearing Negative Energy

Have you ever walked into a place and felt a negative energy or vibe? If you happen to live in this place then it can become a problem.

This kind of negative atmosphere is commonly reported by people who claim that their home is haunted, or if they are experiencing some emotional turmoil. However, how does one begin to rid their home of this negative energy?

This procedure will allow you to gain the rate for the cause of the negative energy and overcome it by setting a balancing or compensatory rate. To do this you will need a radionics machine.

Place a picture or other sample of the source of negative energy on to the witness plate, this could be a picture of your home or someone else’s, you could even dispel negativity within a marriage for instance, by placing a picture of the two partners onto the witness/input plate. Tune into your sample by slowly tuning the witness dials on your machine. Continue to lightly rub the stick pad with one of your fingers as you tune the dial, when you reach the correct setting you will get a stick on the pad, continue this procedure with the rest of the witness dials.

The next step is to determine what the cause of the negative energy actually is. This is done by taking the trend/outcome rate. With your finger lightly rubbing the stick pad begin to tune the trend dials in the same manner as you had done for the witness until you get a stick on the pad. Make a note of the numerical values that your trend dials have set at. Let’s say for example, that my machine gave the following values (3), (3.5), (7), (5), (9.3), and (1.5) this would be the setting for the cause of the negative energy, now what we want to do is balance the cause to clear the negative energy.  This is done by subtracting the value that you have made a note of from the maximum numerical value of your dial. In this example the maximum numerical value on my dials is 10, so using the above example, we would subtract 3 from 10 to get 7,  3.5 from 10 to get 6.5. Continue doing this until you have got your new rates. The full set of new balance rates for the example are (7), (6.5), (3), (5), (0.7), and (8.5). Re-tune your trend dials to the new rates, and you are all done.

Once you have found the balance rate it can be a good idea to add a written command to a piece of paper and place it on your trend plate. This command can take the form of something positive, for example, “this is a happy marriage”, or “this space is positive”. Always phrase your statements as if it has already happened or is continuing in the present.

Leave the rates set on the Radionics machine for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours you should begin to see results in a short amount of time, although it can take longer.